don't you think mylot has to change the layout a bit so that it would be more...

@yasaran (788)
March 28, 2007 10:32am CST
Navigating through mylot, I felt that it was a bit clumsy. Either that or I am used to some sites that have better navigation. Some of my observations are as below: 1) I would have liked if "Discussions I've started" to be highlighed and accessible immediately as we login. 2) That on the top of the page we have links like --mylot--recent discussions -- discussion-so-and-so 3) some good colours and differentiation for "Start a new discussion", and seggregation of profile related links to another location. 4) While starting a new discussion, I felt it would be nice if we had another text field to add a new interest out of the list.etc Somebody can add more. .. .. . ..
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