Calling the family

United States
March 28, 2007 11:30am CST
My husband doesn't like to call his family. He doesn't really like to spend time with them either. His mom and dad split up when he was just a baby and his father re-married and started a new family and his mom was remarried and divorced again when he was 11. He was raised mostly by his grandfather who passed away a few years ago. I can understand him having his reservations, I mean growing up like that I can see it. But the thing is, his mom and dad are really trying to have a better relationship with him now. They are great people who just made some bad decisions when it came to raising him. But I still have to physically hand him the phone and tell him to call his mom or dad when they leave him a message. Am I just expecting too much to have him at least return their phone calls without me pushing him? Should I lay off? What should I do?
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@romesh143 (165)
• India
5 Apr 07
You can't do nothing.I think in his childhood he has bore a lot.So has negative feeling abuot them.He no more likes them.He deprived of their love when he needed it.Thus this impact is lifelong.They may be great people for you and anydody else but for him they are not great parents.So he ignores them.I think you should keep trying and what will be the result.We should not loose the heart because hope sustains life.Time is greatest destroyer as well as great preserver.So let us see in which wau the wind blow.
• India
5 Apr 07
i like caliing my home dalily , i cant live with out taking to my mother because i will call my home Daily to speak with my mother
• China
5 Apr 07
Yes.I think that it's pretty good for u to push your husband.But it does not solve the problem completely.The best way is to make your husband understand that his parents are still loving him. I'm a college student in China.My dad usually called me very week before.But now I often call my mom and dad which makes them very happy.
• United States
28 Mar 07
My spouse's parents are still together and have been married for over 40 years. My spouse never was motivated to keep in touch with his family (even when he left for college and work) because he's busy with work and all. His parents get mad when he doesn't keep in touch and they are all like "It doesn't cost anything to send an email to us or give us a ring..." lol. So I am the one who is keeping in touch with his family via email because they live in France and we live in the US. The problem is that my french sucks, so I have to convince my spouse to translate what I want to say and then I would type it in the email with pretty colored font :-) It didn't ever bother me that my spouse doesn't keep in touch with his family. Maybe if my spouse was a mama's boy or spent time more with his family and/or friends instead of me and our children, then that would be a big problem! So don't sweat it :-)