Breast Pain! Why is this so scary and yet so difficult to really pin point!!

United States
March 28, 2007 12:12pm CST
I have had pain in my left breast for over year and had a mamogram, however it is not cancerous, but I do have some lunps/calcium deposits. But I still get a lot of pain and yet there isn't anything else they want to do?!? I had a ultrasound and nothing severe, or apparent was detected!Now you hear that there can be no signs and still have cancer! Where do you go? I am I need to see a specialist on my own!?! Are we really told everything!!!! What type of doctor do I go and get a second opinion with???Are you lost too! I need some help, because the more I look online the more stressed out I am getting and it is keeping me from sleeping at night!I have a catscan next week up my upper chest and ribs to see if there is anything else there to be detected that is causing the pain. Any advice! ANYONE KNOW FIRST HAND!!! HELP ME PLEASE!
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