love is it a destiny or a choice?

@ruelou (263)
March 28, 2007 12:26pm CST
do you believe in destiny? how would you say that the one in front of you is the right one for you. I am 25 yrs now, if i dont workout this present relationship then all is a waste of time isn't it?. I would say we don't have problems with each other at present. I hate losing up relationship knowing that you have devoted much time, emotions and effort to it. how can i say we're meant to be?
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@netwyx (9)
• China
28 Mar 07
i believe in destiny,someone will come to you in right time and right place,even in right way!wish you good luck!
• United States
28 Mar 07
I personally believe that in life, there are no accidents. I am divorced and now remarried. I thought for a while that my first marriage was just a waste of time, with nothing but bad memories and such. But now that I look hard at it, I realize that if I hadn't gone thru that experience and those events hadn't shaped me the way they did, I would have never met my husband now. And he's a truly wonderful man, unlike any other I know. We both believe that our meeting was an act of destiny. I don't know, take it for what you want, but I don't think there are many wastes of time in life. Every experience teaches you something and helps you grow as a person.