are guys afraid of commitment??

United States
March 28, 2007 12:39pm CST
hi all.. i guess i wanna hear from anybody's experience. im in a 2 year relationship, and before our first anniversary, we talked about getting marriage, but then as we got more familiar with each other and content with each other, my boyfriend stopped talking about marriage. no proposal happened, etc. i mean it's ok without the proposal but he's not even talking to me about his plans... he is the quiet type but i freak out when one time he answered a question in the magazine that asked him how does he see himself 3 years from now, he answered 31 single working...arrrggghhh!! am i going somewhere in this relationship? how will i even open up the topic to him if i want to talk about it...he's implied to me many times that im gonna be his wife but there are just no specifics and we haven't talked about it... are they just afraid of commitment? or is the fact that im earning more than him a factor?? help!! your insights will be appreciated.
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