Why Chiristions,Or people from other Religons Call Muslim Narrow Minded

@Seemab (78)
March 28, 2007 1:02pm CST
HI.My discussion is about that why people from other religons call Muslim Narrow minded. Let say if a muslm girl use scarf or Hijab,why the other people say that they(mulims) are narrow minded.She is Using scarf for his own desscion,no one compels him to do it.She sipmly Obeys the law of islam,Then why in France,Germany, and england they compel muslim girls not to wear scarf hijab.Eourpe and america all these countries call themselves What! LIberal, so if they call themselves Liberal so why dont they let a muslim girl or muslim do as they wants.Why they are compelling them to do as chiristian do,jews do,hindus do etc. Just because of this that they are bright minded.And scarf or Hijab is a Sign of Narrow Mindness. What you people say?
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