Contradictions of the Gospels PART 2

@xikass (119)
March 28, 2007 4:28pm CST
At first I'd like to mention that I show these contradictions up to prove that true Gospels of Jesus are lost and what we have these days are what human made by himself 1) Was she dead or just dying ? (Matthew 9:18) He asked for help, saying his daughter was already dead. (Luke 8:41-42) Jairus approached Jesus for help, because his daughter was dying !!!! 2) just what did Jesus instruct them to take ? 9Matthew 10:10) Jesus instructed them not to take stsff, not to wear sandals. (Mark 6:8-9) Jesus instructed his disciples to wear sandals and take staff on their journey !!! 3)When did John find out Jesus was the Messiah? (Matthew 11:2-3) While imprisoned . John the Baptist sent followers to Jesus to inquire if jesus was the messiah. (luke 7:18-22) While imprisoned. John the Bapist sent followers to Jesus to inquire if Jesus was the Messiah . (John 1:29-34,36) John already knew jesus was the Messiah. 4) Who made the request ?? (Matthew 20:20-21) Their mother requested that James and John, Zebedee's children, should sit beside Jesus in the Kingdom. (Mark 10:35-37) james and John, Zebedee's children, requested that they should sit beside Jesus in his Kingdom. to be continued
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