how passionate are you to animals?

March 28, 2007 8:32pm CST
Our puppy just died,a motorcycle bumped him one early morning when my dad let him out to pooh.Nobody noticed who did it,we just saw his body lying on the road full of blood.We all cried for we treat our pet as a family member.We feel so sorry and angry to the person who did it.My younger brother and i had a conversation after that incident that made me come up to this topic.We pitty those animals that are treated so cruel.Don't you think
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@towongfoo27 (2989)
• United States
8 Apr 07
I am very passionate about animals, for they have hearts, too, and not just in the physical sense. I am sorry this hit-and-run perv killed your puppy. I would be upset and I would probably cry. I miss my pet persian from my wonder years. I could cuddle with her, and she would lay on my stomach when I was pregnant with Devon. Her name was Petunia and my mom had a ceremony for her in the backyard where she buried Petunia. It was sad, but also our way of dealing with it. The emotional attachment to your pet makes it harder to let them go, but I believe there is a heaven for animals, too. I hope you feel better elaineobbus.
• Australia
8 Apr 07
so sorry for the lost of your puppy. I also have big bull tierria and he had in fection in his balls we put him in in vet.DR. but still the sore there coz he keep on scratching. so I give him extra dosage of his medication,I want him well quick but the poor DOG one morning all bubbles in his mouth. i think I am to be blame, but I didn't say nothing to my husband who loves our DOG more than he LOVES me.hehehe up to this time my that's my dark secert I can't say but you got me here.I was so sorry for thing's I've done not intentionally give the dog mercy killing..for all dog lovers I'm so sorry
• Canada
29 Mar 07
Oh I am sorry to hear about your puppy . We have two kittens and they are a part of our household and if anything happened to them we would be upset . I love animals and so do my children . One of my daughters cares so much about animals that she has wanted to be a vet when she gets older since she was little . We have lost so many animals from being hit that we no longer let them outside as we can't bear to lose anymore pets this way .