Should alcohol and beer be taxed?

@fallie (74)
United States
March 28, 2007 8:41pm CST
The legislature where I live just raised the tax on beer. Is this fair? The tax money isn't going to pay for health care or accident victims. It is going to pay for school textbooks. I want kids to have good textbooks, but why can't we tax something else? Why do beer and alcohol have to be taxed so much? Almost 50 percent of the cost of a glass of beer goes to taxes where I live. Do you pay big taxes on beer and alcohol where you live? Do you think it's fair?
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• Singapore
29 Mar 07
Yes they should. In my country, the tax for them is very high because the government does not encourage drinking. Yet then again for the drinkers, you wouldn't want to fork out more money just to add to the country's coffers. :P
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• Canada
25 Jun 07
I think they should. It just makes sense to put tax on luxuries such as these, as those that can afford it, will be able to afford it still after the tax.