Introduce an exotic food/ fruit from your country

October 18, 2006 11:45am CST
The food/fruit is exotic in that it's rarely found elsewhere. Is it eaten by most people in your country?
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• United States
19 Oct 06
I would have to say... HAGGIS :-) The contents are a rather interesting mixture of spices and animal innerds stuffed into is it intetines of pig???So I prefer the story that my mum would tell me.... Haggis are a shy creature that live in the Scottish Highlands. They have one leg longer than the other and can only go around teh mountain in one direction as a result. It takes 2 people to catch the haggis... one to scare it so it will turn around, and another at the bottom of the mountain to catch it in a net as it falls down...
• Singapore
19 Oct 06
Hmmm, thanks for an interesting story behind Haggis. I would love to see it for myself...