March 29, 2007 12:39am CST
hello everybody.. i would like to share a few thoughts on the friends we have or to put it in another way our friends circle. how many frnds do we like to have around us.? if we go for some trips or for something personal how many would u prefer. have u ever felt left out in the company of too many friends..? i ve had experiences like that. i prefer hanging outside with an even group of friends. like 2,4 etc. suppose 3 of them are hanging out and 2 of them start talking thru the full journey, the other one ll feel left out for sure. also we prefer different frnds for different occasions. have any of u had experiences like this.. if so be free to share. tc.
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@pinokkio (352)
• Bahrain
29 Mar 07
I think 4 is a good number, but 3 should be perfect. Whenever you see a movie about people, for some reason there are always 3 people in the story. That's because one is the leader of the group, the second is the brains of the group and the third is the funny one. If you can find exactly those three kinds of people, then it would be the perfect trip!