WOMAN vs. MAN...Battle of the Sexes.

Devil in Disguise - Devil in disguise, oh she is really dazzling isn't she?
March 29, 2007 1:44am CST
I cant understand lots of women, they want something then suddenly changes their mind, they want to keep their man at home yet nag them sometimes and wishes they are not home yet. When you are out they want you to be home. They tickle you but gets mad when you tickle them. You don't wanna live with them for the stuffs you want to do but you can't live without them for the stuffs you do. Woman most of the time wants to outwit their man, If the man do not react they get mad, if they react they get mad... its seems that man is dumb if they do and dumber if they dont. With these stuffs that woman do...i feel like i am an ANGEL infront of this beautiful,lovely woman in red with her trident. "The Devil Wears Skirts"YOU can you really understand your MAN/WOMAN and the stuffs they do?
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