Does anybody care about Iraq anymore?

@simesc (248)
March 29, 2007 4:34am CST
It seems that the US has been in Iraq for such a long time now and there seems to be no real ideas as to how to solve all of Iraqs problems. I am not debating if it was correct or wrong for the Us to invade Iraq, it has happened. It is the aftermath that I am concerned about. The US congress wants the US troops out, yet when they leave an area chaos breaks out. Look at the news yesterday 100 people killed. Groups just going round killing each other. It seems like the US has no idea how to solve the problems, but also the Iraqi people do not seem to want peace to be in their country. Killing each other and having old rivalries seem to be the most important thing. The religious hatred will always be there. The people always seem to have a problem with other sections of the community. Will these problems ever be solved? I see the US withdrawl as the start of a bloodbath, the country will rip itself apart and outside countries will help this also. Will the people of Iraq ever have a peaceful future?
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@anya11111 (169)
• India
29 Mar 07
who on earth are americans to decide which nation should do what? are they god almighty? americans didi not have any right to invade vietnam, to begin with and they do not have the right to invade iraq! let those people decide for themselves in what way they want to live or die. americans should try and rule their own nation-not others`