Carnivora Plant

My Nepis - These are my nepis :)
@femimi (872)
March 29, 2007 6:07am CST
How many of you know about Nepenthes? It's a carnivora plant but also can make your garden beautiful. This plant can catch insects which are fall in to the hole from the leaves. Even the biggest one can also attract rats and birds to become its prey. There are many kind of nephentes in this world, maybe you can search in the internet, and get interest with that. I support to conserve this plant, and please don't buy this plant which are taken from the forest. But please buy it from the plant nursery. And you can see my cute nepis in the picture:) Are you interesting in nepenthes or other carnivora plant?
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@gbolly54 (662)
• Nigeria
29 Mar 07
A carnivorous plants?! Do they eat up their preys? God is truly great and wonderful. I knew of plants whose smells repel insects and crawling animals. They include anti-snake plants and flowers. It is strange that some plants also have the capacity to attract and catch their preys. That is very interesting and wonderful. By the way, won't such plants also be dangerous to humans as well? Thank you for the information.
@femimi (872)
• Indonesia
29 Mar 07
Well.. this plant is not dangerous for human, because humas is still bigger than them :D And there is no poison at all for human. The prey / insects will be tired when they are in the hole, can't get out because the leave is too slippery to climb. And the nepi eat the insects by process the insects with their acid which are inside in the hole of the nepenthes. But if you give to many insects for the nepi, the colour won't be nature, because too many essence which they absorb to the root. So I think, in the jungle, this nepi can control they food naturally. I will update more infos about carnivore plants :)