Well ... My computer was attacked by a score of trojans

@yasaran (788)
March 29, 2007 8:14am CST
Yesterday when I started my PC, I was shocked to find that my windows started to throw various types of error messages. I could not see my desktop. My PC was hijacked. I used my taskmanager through ctrl-alt-del and checked the process running. Lot of my normal programs were not running including my 3rd party firewall. Many instance of svhosts were to be observed. I rebooted my machine in safe-mode once and again rebooted in the normal way. This time I was able to see desktop icons, but my firewall wouldn't start. I tried to play some music and I found there was no audio.I opened my IE and found to my dismay that my home page was continually replaced with some pharma site. I browsed through the download site and downloaded the AVG antivirus tool. On running it it brought out around 29 trojans sticking on most of the softwares which would'nt run. I commanded execution of all these trojans. Later I downloaded the latest firewall and reinstalled back. Whew! what a day. (It was only a few days before I had to remove my norton internet protection to install another software with internet protection that asked me to uninstall NIS) Now I feel cool as I once again feel protected. But till when?
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• United States
29 Mar 07
i dont think you were hacked or anything .... what you got was spyware and you go them from going to the wrong websites if i was you i would get zonealarm and norton norton has live protection this mean if your going to a site that as spyware it will tell you before you get it on your pc and same thing if you download some it will tell you its a virus before you download it ...
• India
29 Mar 07
okay, i don't get it was this just another goodnight stories???