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March 29, 2007 11:32am CST
This group is a j-pop group in japan, a popular group I should say they have 6 members. Kattun stands for the first letter of each members surname.K-kamenashi the lead vocal of the group A-akanishi second lead vocal T-tatsuya T-tanaka U-ueda and lastly N-nakamaru. They are also members of JE's group or called Johnny's Entertainment. Mostly of the videos of this group is their concert and when it comes to music videos they have their first single entitled real face and second is entitled signal, guys should see their music videos their are really great. Just go on www.youtube.com and search for tags kattun real face and kattun signal. Also they appear on a tv show entitled minna no terebi this time you would see them act, act in a comedy show. One of the host of this show is Jun Matsumoto a j-pop member of the group name Arashi. To tell you more about them they appeared on jdrama series titled gokusen. Jun matsumoto in season 1 while the two lead vocals of kattun which is also called as akame appeared in gokusen season 2.
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• Philippines
2 Jun 07
Aa, I like this group. KATTUN is my favorite group in JE Entertainment. And my favorite is Kame. I've seen them act in Gokusen 2. And I'm going to watch Kame's Nobuta o produce. They say it's good. I haven't seen any of their mvs though, but if I have time, I'm gonna watch.