Sad Story of Indian Cricket Fans - Raise against explotation

@milott (2648)
March 29, 2007 11:50am CST
The Sad Story of Indian Cricket Fan - Raise against the explotation Enough is enough. It has been long, long time Indian cricket team had played well or should we say, it has not played well at all with all the money they are getting, they are actually playing only 0.1% of it. After winning world cup in 1983, Indian team has not won a single major tournament other than a series here and there and tri-series that's all. But the hype surrounding this mediocre below-average team is like they are the best in the world which is definitely not the case. The hype is all created by media and the so-called sports channels and sports management companies to boost the players rates and earn money. The die-hard cricket fans India has been taken for a ride by these players and earning crores and crores of money through other ways than cricket like ads, etc. We made them Millionaires in return what they have done? Nothing!! We fans cannot do anything to protest or rise against the Indian cricketers. Now we have got a good chance to protest and give a good lesson to these non-playing Indian cricketers. We can do this by avoiding products endorsed by these players and stop buying them or using them henceforth. This will have a direct impact on the companies which endorse them and hence will have an impact on the players who will then start concentrating on cricket rather than other things. We could also stop watching indian cricket till they play well consistently not playing well only in home turf and against weaker sides. Here is a list of products that are endorsed by these Indian cricketers, we all should make a decision of not buying these products henceforth. PRODUCTS Sahara: Main sponsors of Indian team. Pepsi: Almost the whole of Indian team particularly Sachin, Sehwag, Dhoni, Dravid, etc. Boost: Sachin Tendulkar. RBK: Dravid, Pathan, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Harbajan Nike: Whole of Indian Cricket team. Reliance Mobile: Sachin Tendulkar. Mysore Sandal Soap: Dhoni Orient Fans: Dhoni Sunfeast: Sachin Kiwi Polish: Dhoni Brylcream: Yuvraj Singh SBI Cards: Yuvraj Singh Samsung: Dravid, Pathan, etc Anchor Switches: Rahul Dravid Max New York Life: Rahul Dravid Puma: Saurav Ganguly Adidas: Sachin Tendulkar MRF: Sachin Tendulkar Hutch: Rahul Dravid More and more products, which will be added in the future. Please do forward this mail without fail to all those in your address book to give a good lesson to these lazy money-minded Indian Cricketers.
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