Why I admire Mr Bean

@Avichail (694)
March 29, 2007 11:56am CST
One local TV has been running Mr. Bean series, again. I have lost count of how many. But somehow I still find it enjoyable to watch. I usually am not attracted to slapstick comedies. Take Jim Carrey for an instance. The slapstick comedies I love is Mr Bean and the classic Three Stooges. Apart from it only sitcoms can really tickle me so far. Why do I admire Rowan Atkinson that I bear watching Mr Bean again and again and again and again? It started when I watched an event exploring about who Rowan Atkinson is in his Mr Bean. I was astounded to find him a quite serious person when talking. There goes Mr Bean's grinning and naivity. He also showed how he actually did a lot of hard and tough works in order to present Mr Bean before the audience. The people who work with him also confessed of his impeccable persistence in practising. It takes hours to months to invent and practise one act (remember the way he walks?). I learnt that moment how comedy is a truly serious business! P.S. This reminds me that I have a set of Charlie Chaplin which I have not seen, I'd definitely see it soon then...=) What do you think of Mr Chaplin and Mr Bean?
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