March 29, 2007 12:12pm CST
what is symptoms of depression?
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8 Apr 07
Depression can be of different types and can be caused by different things. The symptoms of depression vary from person to person, and the intensity of the symptoms depends on the severity of the depression. Depression causes changes in thinking, feeling, behavior, and physical well-being. There are three primary types of depression: Major Depression; Dysthymia; and Bipolar Depression. In addition to these primary depressions, many people also develop a "reactive depression," which may be less severe, but still requires psychological treatment. A reactive depression occurs when you develop many of the symptoms of depression in response to the stress of a major life problem, but they are not severe enough to be considered a major depression. If these milder symptoms of depression occur without a clear life stress as the cause, and the depression has not lasted long enough to by considered dysthymia, then it is called an Unspecified Depression. Other depressions may be caused by the physiological effects of a medical condition, or by substance abuse.