How to invlove my kids in Sports

March 29, 2007 2:00pm CST
Hi all I have 2 years old son and i want to see him in 2020 olympics in any sports.It is my dream and i will invest all my earnings on this. but i don't know how to start and find his interest. Many of you people know that my country India population is billions but we are not getting atleast one hurts me a lot. so before marriage i decided to dedicate my son to the country.By god grace if it happens then there is meaning for my life and efforts. I request yu all please give proper advise and share your ideas. Thanks in advance to all
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@SachseMom (449)
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29 Mar 07
Well, my husband and I are very into sports and always have something sports on tv or going to games. So my kids have grown up loving and watching sports also. My daughter is 4 and we started her in Soccer and she didn't like it, I found a dance/tumbling studio near our house and now she's doing cheerleading and tumbling. She loves it because she says now that she's going to take dance and tumbling and she's going to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Which is a big deal here in the states. My son who is 3 and we are just now starting him in sports we just take him to differant sporting events and showed him how they play and asked him what sports program does he want to get into. He just signed up for T-ball and he really wants to drive a race car and play football. So when he gets old enough we will enroll him in those sports and let him try them out and see which one he likes. So I suggest you enroll him in differant prgrams, get excited about them and help him learn and enjoy them and his passion for one will shine through. Then do everything in your powere to help him be the best in HIS choosen sport. If you force him to do something that he doesn't want to do then he will not excel because he will no enjoy it and will dreed going to practice. Good luck and keep us posted on what he does.
30 Mar 07
Thanks for your indetail message, it will help me in taking precautions. now i am taking him to jogging and swimming. I will post his updates
29 Mar 07
I think that it will be difficult to try to train your child in a sport when it isn't already obvious where his talents might lie. It might be an idea to start him on a martial art, some short tennis and gymnastics and then after a year or so you will be able to see what he is good at. You might want to think about whethr it is good to push himt his hard at such a young age. I do push my 5 year old really hard, but my 2 year old doesn't show enough interest in things for me to be able to do things like that with her yet.
30 Mar 07
Thank you for your valuable advise. Presently i am taking him to jogging and swimming i will let you know the updates