Table manners begins when?

@Kaeli72 (1230)
United States
March 29, 2007 3:37pm CST
"Like father like son"... My hubby is 33 years old yet the concept of a fork sometimes escapes him. While I'm eating my food oh so daintily by using a fork and knife, he's picking it up with his fingers. I know to push the foods against a knife or some other foods, he's using his thumbs. But, the napkin goes untouched. UGH! Our son is 14 months old and he really doesn't use a fork. Instead, he'll hold onto a spoon or fork with his left hand and shovels the food with his right. Like now, he's sucking down noodles that's been soaking in broth for an hour or two. I would say it's gross, but he loves them. My question is: when would table manners be important enough for Little Man to follow? When will he stop throwing down his fork and spoon and use them properly? Is this because he sees daddy eat with his fingers? If so, why isn't he picking up on my habbits? HELP!!!
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@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
31 Mar 07
Yes I have to admit I think the genes that are in the X chromosome are probly slightly more advanced than those in the Y chromosome as I do the same things as your husband at times. Never when I am out in public but when I am at home my table manners are usually found lacking I am sure. As far as your son not using his fork often enuff it takes practice and you may be onto a little something about him seeing his dad do the same thing. But I am the first to admit I am not alway the best roll model when it comes to table manners in the home. practice and patients goes a long way maybe spend part of the meal having your son use his fork or spoon than let him eat the way he wants.