Do you think there should be severe punishment for medical neglience

United States
March 29, 2007 4:55pm CST
hey folks what do you think about this
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@joyce959 (1562)
• Philippines
30 Mar 07
I think the punishment must be on a case to case basis, depending on the gravity of the offense or case. But I say that the persons involved in the medical negligence, whether the doctor, nurse, technicians, attendants, even the management must be subjected to fair investigation and trial to find out who's really culpable and deserve to be punished.
@honeyangel (1992)
30 Mar 07
the person should be struck off and no longer practace and if the person die the the should be charged with murder
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30 Mar 07
They should be. It's just such a pity that it cost so much to bring a suit against a doctor in the first place. That is the reason I couldn't persue my claim. They should also apologize to the person involved. Mine never admitted they were wrong. It took over 4 years to get action that got me into see a surgeon. That is not right. I now have an ongoing problem because of it. But, it would cost me money that I don't have to sue them.
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• Philippines
29 Mar 07
I will give a big YES as my vote for this issue. Doctors must be held liable for what they are doing and undoing. Imagine people are paying their high medical fees in order to feel better and not the away way around. These doctors and nurses have become inept and irresponsible of their duties. Yes, so many of them nowadays are constantly being reported for being negligent. So much so, that lives of children, mothers and elders have been cut short. Hear about these in the newscast, read about them in the papers, too. This has to end.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
29 Mar 07
I do not know how harsh a punishment there should be for medical negligence. I do think it should be about as hars as the punishment for manslaughter. I mean, everyone can make a mistake. I do not blame people if they make an honest mistake. Negligence, I am not so lenient about. If one has chosen to be in the medical profession, one should expect top alertness at all time. people put their lives in your hand. They deserve only your best
@naty1941 (2336)
• United States
29 Mar 07
Yes and a big fine to go with the negligence. We sometimes think that Doctors and Nurses are Gods and that is not the way it is.
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
29 Mar 07
Yeah I do I mean espically if the doctor made a mistake that killed someone.
@Lifeless (2638)
• India
30 Nov 07
I think there shud be ofcourse.. Its one's life after all.. If the doctors are not taking it seriously, then they shud ofcourse be punished, otherwise they wud keep making mistakes again and again...
@design (848)
• Ireland
2 Apr 07
I'm not sure how to answer this, as Doctors are over worked, hospitals are under funded, They are humans after all, and everyone makes mistakes.
@Bell88 (370)
• Malaysia
1 Apr 07
But they are just trying to saves lives. May be in the first place doctors shouldn't be stressed. they should be given ample rest so that they don't do mistakes. In medicine it has to be zero mistakes when dealing with lives.
• United States
31 Mar 07
I think negligence should be punished, but with relevance to the severity. But by the same token there should be guidelines as far a negligence goes. So many doctors are leaving the practice because of continual negligence claims for stupid and trivial stuff as well as just plain untrue claims. People file claims against doctors for really stupid stuff and it is not right. I resent the fact that all these claims are driving the cost of the doctors insurance up which in turn makes it more expensive for us. Can you afford the cost of medical care, can you afford the cost of health insurance...I can't see how this is improving the medical system any.