why do relationships faint over time?

March 29, 2007 5:31pm CST
Dont you people think true love is always fresh as ever? I have seen in many cases of love that when two people get to know each other,they are initially very excited about it,they eagerly wait for phone calls and bunk work to fix meetings and give more and more time to each other, but gradually what happens is, those feelings get lost somewhere.Why does this happen?I mean the closer they get,the more they know each other,the more they see each other,they loose the relevance of the sacred relationship between them. Subsequently words become formalities, they argue over trivial things,they start making excuses to disconnect calls.. then they have thier assignments and meetings with clients as excuses for not fixing up a date. Why does this happen? Should we consider more and more people are just saying "i love you" for entertainment and time-pass? Is real love lost somewhere?
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@chesssy (203)
• Philippines
29 Mar 07
i think when the relationship is just starting, there is the feeling of excitement over something new. then as time passes, the excitement fades but does that mean the relationship is also fading? my boyfriend and i are going 3 years soon and sometimes i feel that our relationship is going stagnant. but then something happens and we're back in square 1, where the excitement level is at its highest. people should also prioritize so that their relationship is not neglected.
• India
30 Mar 07
thanx chesssy.yep u r right,as time passes by,people have relationships somewhere at the bottom of thier priorities list.They should give equal importance to thier partners also and as such think of ways for refreshing thier love.There's no need to meet every day or call every two hours or keep on messaging all day long.A relationship doesn't need that.It needs trust between the two.Even if they spend quality time with each other over the weekend, that would do.But both should make sure that when they are with each other, they are not doing any other work.