No job, baby, eviction. Looking for help!

March 29, 2007 7:08pm CST
This is going to be my last day online for awhile. Tomorrow I am moving to another city. I havent found a job there yet, I'm having a baby June 12th, and this is all thanks to a lovely landlord. We are good tenants, we always paid our rent a few days before it was due, we had a good friendship with the landlord until this lady downstairs moved in. The landlord has since thrown me into a door, called the cops on me for no reason, and 2 months ago given me a Notice to Terminate a Tenancy at the End of the Term For Landlord's or Purchaser's Own Use. That is ok in the sense that I have wanted to move since the assualt, but it's not ok that I live in a small town. You would litterly have more luck finding a diamond on the ground than an apartment here. We currently have $1400 saved up. My fiance has moved into a maternity house and I am headed to a shelter hopefully, if it has room. If the shelter is full I'm not completly sure where I will be staying. I really honestly need more money, or a job, or anything to help. I am looking at an apartment next Friday but it is $800 inclusive. But im afraid to give a deposit for this place until I have a source of income. Sure i could go on welfare but here in canada they arent going to help me pay $800 a month. And geared to income houses are on an incredible wait list. I was just wokring at a factory making 1400 a month and pay 800 a month here plus everything else. While there are people living in low income that I worked with and there total income was just over 4000 a month. It just seems that theres really no hope for me and my family because we are young. seems people are greedy and take the low priced apartments and leave the higher priced apartments for those who cant really afford it. I am willing to send cards of thanks with a photo of me and my family once my daughters born to anyone who can help us out unless u wish to remain annonymous. If u wish to make a cash donation of anysize than please reply to this. I will post my banking information in a little bit once i have it, (can't fiqure out what numbers are what on my cheque.. if u can help please do) and any clothing or supplies please send to your closest family shelter. If I don't get them someone else who truly needs them as well will. I'm sorry from some of you who will think I'm just trying to get rich. I'm not in anyway. I don't even expect this to work. And thank you to anyone who can help.
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