sibling rivalry - sibling rivalry... when it will start and when will it end?
March 29, 2007 9:36pm CST
I can't understand why sibling rivalry existed? Its very human to experience such thing. I been watching "even steven" and somehow it gave me a buzz that blood is still sticky than water no matter what rivalry you siblings have. Can we really stop this rivalry? When can this stop? Is it becoming a habbit? You what is your stand on SIBLING RIVALRY?
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• Canada
30 Mar 07
I believe that all families that have more then one child are going to become involved in sibling rivalry at some point . The child are looking for more attention from us as parents or are just generally annoyed as we are all different and even our children will all have their own idea's of how things should be . I got an idea from my sister that I like though and have tried it out on my own children . When they argure or fight , I take the age of each child and add it togehter then they have to sit and hold hands for that lenght of time and tell each other what they like about each other . By the end of it they are so annoyed with me that they forget why they were fighting to begin with lol .
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• Philippines
30 Mar 07
Wow i hope this is applicable to grown ups....:) i will try this one soon when i have my kids already :) excellent post.