Getting Away with Everything

@breepeace (3027)
March 29, 2007 11:32pm CST
Last year my best friend of 7 years moved to the same city as me and into my house. 6 months later, he'd bought just over $150 worth of groceries (while he ate at least one meal at home every day) and was 3 months behind on paying his portion of bills, in addition to owing me money from times he claimed to be 'broke'. He kept making excuses on why he couldn't pay, but then I discovered that not only was he into drugs (spec. cocaine) but he was trying to support a lifestyle that he couldn't afford, buying his boyfriends gifts all the time and buying new toys for himself. He tried to hide EVERYTHING from me. I finally told him enough was enough and he needed to move out when I discovered a receipt for 2 rings he'd bought for himself and his boyfriend dated the same day I told him I needed money to go see my nana for her birthday and he had to pay me something (he didn't, claimed he was broke until the end of the month) and a straw with white residue in his room (I was in there to get something he had 'borrowed' without asking, yet another bad habit). By this point he was over $500 behind in bills and he refused to pay, saying he was certain he'd never fallen that far behind. I wrote the money off, but it still makes me angry when I realize how little I made last year, and what a large portion those hundreds of dollars were in my annual income. 7 years of friendship went down the toilet because he was irresponsible and dishonest, not that I'm complaining, because evidently that was 7 years too long and the situation would always keep perpetuating itself. Now, I've been talking to some of his old friends back in our hometown and I found out he's perpetually like this. One of his friends said she noticed her cash flow improved drastically the first month he was gone when he moved here. Another said when he lived with the guy, he was constantly borrowing money that was never to be seen again. Yet another claims she finally cut ties with him the day she asked him for cab fare, which was a small amount of what he owed HER, and he complained it was all the money he had and that he wouldn't be able to pay for gas if he gave it to her. It drives me nuts, because I'm the ONLY one that's said anything to this guy about the fact that he uses people, so he thinks I'm just some harpie who's mad at him, and refuses to take anything I say to heart. I wish they all would have had the balls to get mad at him about it, too. Why are there people like this in the world that take advantage of people's good nature and generosity? And that keep getting away with it? I hope it catches up to him someday! Has anyone else ever encountered or been friends with anyone like that?
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