have u ever lost a friend? but still thinking that he/ she will come back...

March 30, 2007 1:08am CST
i had a very close friend died on a very tragic accident. he was on a ship w/ some fellow colleagues when a big tornado hit and sank thier ship. some of the bodies were recovered and one of those bodies were told was his. on his funeral i can't still believe whats happening and when i look @ the dead person inside the coffin it doesn't look like him. untill this very moment, i am still hoping that one day he will show up in my doorsteps smiling @ me and telling me that he survived on that accident and he just lived on an island until his finally cured. or if he really is dead, he will come up and talk to me as a ghost even just one night [ i don't care what he looks like, even if he is scary looking] and tell me what really happened that night of the accident.... thinking about him not being dead or thinking about the body inside the coffin was not really him is just because i can't accept that he was dead? or maybe it really wasn't him? what do u think? do u think if he was really dead his ghost will come up and talk to me?
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