United States
March 30, 2007 1:16am CST
College is a big step in one's life and I was wondering if there was any advice out there for a kid looking into college currently.
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@nietske (199)
• Belgium
31 Mar 07
Get good and usefull information. If you are well informed then you have better changes at passing. The second recommendation I would make is, don't get too stressed and study enough in advance, that way you could give yourself a break during the exam period. My first year in college was horrible. I felt so much pressure to succed that i got bad grades, once i started to lighten up i got better grades. I finished college with honours!
@mukokj01 (11)
30 Mar 07
college is really a big step in ones life, coze it does only mean books over there but also making friends among other activities which equipe one 4 the future. from junior 0772357698 uganda africa.
@makingpots (11922)
• United States
30 Mar 07
Do your research and choose the right one for you. Visit the ones you like while students are on campus and talk to them. College is such a formative time of your life and it is so important to give yourself as many chances to thrive as possible. There are a lot of books to help but you have to remember that a book can only tell you so much. Talk to people, get referals and then go see for yourself. Have fun.
• United States
30 Mar 07
Dude... one word: VISIT!!!! You will never get the feel of a campus from pictures or words on a website. For you to fully understand how comfortable you will be, you will need to actually go to that campus and walk around, feel the atmosphere, and get an idea for yourself. They will tell you anything to apply at a school, but it's so much better when you find out for yourself. Do your dilligent research. There are so many publications out there that rank schools, give you the exact fields of study that each school is strong in, and the things around school that you can do during school and even after you have graduated. Be wary of freshman year. Don't overload yourself with classes or with extra-curricular activities. It's good to be involved; you can make plenty of new friends. Just don't allow yourself to over-extend into too many activities. other than that... enjoy yourself! These could be the best years of your life...