What's your own style of pasta?

March 30, 2007 2:06am CST
Have you tried modifying your pasta by adding sorts of other ingredients? Please share it here and help us out to experiment.
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• Philippines
9 Apr 07
The pasta that my sister usually prepares contain meat, seafood, mushrooms, etc. If I were to make my own, I would probably use less of meat and throw in some vegetables like broccoli, eggplant, spinach and other deep green leafy vegetables.
• Pakistan
7 Apr 07
My type of [pasta is Fettuchine now to make them nice as you do this: add a 1/6 cup of conaola oil 50grams of Rock salt to 5L of water and boil when water is boilding drop in pasta. Boil pasta until cooked. When cooked drain water and add some more oil wait 1 min. Stir in Dry Herbs ( NOT ROSMARY )like oranano and stir. Serve with a bolanaise sauce. That is the meanist pasta you will ever eat.
@breepeace (3027)
• Canada
31 Mar 07
One of my favorite dishes is something my mom threw together for my dad back when they first got married. It's meatballs with baby peas in a mushroom gravy made out of cream of mushroom soup that you put over top of pasta (penne, shells or other compact pastas work best, although egg noodles are quite good, as well). It's my most requested meal when I go home to visit and a fond favorite of my dad's, as well.
• Canada
30 Mar 07
I once made myself a really cood casserole with pasta, chili, sour creem, and melted cheddar cheese. YUMMY! That sounds good right about now... but where do I get those ingredients at 3 AM on a Friday morning? LOL I wish I wouldn't get weird cravings in the middle of the night!!!