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March 30, 2007 3:35am CST
Hey guys, bored with the rigid colour (black/grey) of notebook? Now VAIO C Series with Vista OS and colour variation come out for us to get it! Pink, green, black, silver, white???which colour do u want? You'll look great whereever u go with the new VAIO C25G/P. Its compact body frees you to travel light, while its distinctive Hexa edges, accent line and dimpled palm rest set u apart from the crowd. Movie viewing pleasure and exciting gameplay are yours on the 13.3" wide LCD. Go get it now!
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• Indonesia
1 Apr 07
VAIO came with different colours. Still, it's difficult to search for certain colours, like pink and green. It's price is too much for me I guess..
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• Malaysia
2 Apr 07
Yeah, bout price i do agree with u..around RM4,988..that's too much.But anyway it's normal for a new version, we should wait for a promotion/pc fair or after a few month/year to get it, may be the price will decrease by the time goes on and we afford to buy it..for a person who really care bout style, maybe price doesn't bout the quality of this notebook, how do you think?
• China
1 Apr 07
very good notebook. I just think so. but it is too much for me.
• Malaysia
2 Apr 07
Thanks for your comment. do you own any other notebook? Maybe u can share with us here..or maybe u have any suggestion what brand of notebook that u think is good and affordable to grab!
@TravisE (445)
• United States
16 Nov 07
I got mine in Rust. Super hot. The compact size, and cute color get all the attention at the local wifi hang outs. I bought it for my fiction writing, and it's perfect for that application. Lots of battery life and small size means I can take it anywhere and not have to worry about power chords or sprained shoulders. It's a beefy little beast too, it plays WoW like a champ! But, the cute factor is the best. Over the last year it's gotten me dozens of phone numbers, countless hugs, bunches of kisses on the cheek, winks beyond number, 543 free cappuccinos, four marraige proposals and a new car! Okay, I was kidding there. It didn't really get me a car. Just a ride in one.
• Malaysia
10 May 07
i would love to have the pink one! a couple of months after i bought my sony vaio notebook, sony came out with those colourful notebooks. but the notebook that i bought has higher specs though, so it's ok ;)