When do you feel you are exhausted?

@inovator (603)
March 30, 2007 5:18am CST
me...after all examinations,,,that was the time my mind and body felt exhausted...resting is the best formula to recharge my energy....
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@kchylie (66)
• Philippines
9 Aug 07
when i have many thoughts in my mind, many problems to think and many doubts... when i feel all people surrounds me against me..
@kchylie (66)
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
me too and when all my duties and responsibilites done...
@sakura08 (83)
• Philippines
10 Apr 07
me too...and to think the solution of my problems....
@playgirl (1359)
• Philippines
31 Mar 07
when my mind and heart wants to give up coz of different trial i experienced.
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
30 Mar 07
i feel exhausted at the end of every working day. It takes me a couple of hours to recharge my batteries after i finally get the kids in bed. Because i work 6 to 6 its not much time left for me so i tend to remain exhausted till friday night, then i recover over the weekends blessed be
@lpipe0240 (1161)
• United States
30 Mar 07
After stayin up all night working the midnight shift like I did tonight.