Housewife...or Housemaid?

@inovator (603)
March 30, 2007 5:29am CST
why some of man want to stay their wife at home to do all the household?they dont want their wife to work outside?is it normal?yah i understand that father is a provider,but how if it is not enough to support the family?how if your wife want to use what their studied for a long time and to help the financial problem?for me as much as you have time and you dont forget your resposibility to your family you have the right to work if you want,,,you dont need to stay at home,,,,its yur right lady,,,,
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@sakura08 (83)
• Philippines
10 Apr 07
maybe they want to stay their wife because they are only concern for them...they dont want their wife to be tired of...
@elairz (260)
• Malaysia
30 Mar 07
i dont mind the housemaid do all the housework. the educating children task must be handled by the parent. wife should take care of their children affairs. i dont mind if my wife want to work. as long as she still handle her responsibility at home. if she think she handle it then so be it.