SORTIE means TAG!!!

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@Bee1955 (3886)
United States
March 30, 2007 5:34am CST
Wow! I read a lot of posts this morning wondering what 'sortie' meant and you people really went too deep in some of the definitions. You must have headaches by now. Take some aspiren and dont call me in the morning. ROFLMAO!!! When Mylot's homepage opens and you see 'loading sortie', the sortie is the interest title in black on top of each column. Example: Lifestyle, Your Interests, Your Friend's Discussions, etc. Those titles are called 'tags'or 'sorties'. SO Mylot decided to get fancy on us - LOL!
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@mvsrao (4367)
• India
30 Mar 07
"Sorties are the movable boxes that are located on our homepage that offer weather, news, blogs, and discussions that interest us ." pls see the following information on the Mylot's new FAQ page :
@JackBravo (970)
• United States
28 May 07
would you know how to set the background color of the sortie to transparent?
@Idlewild (6094)
• United States
24 Apr 07
I had only heard the word used to refer to bombing runs that military planes make in war -- "The Allied air force flew 300 sorties over Germany today." I had not idea what it had to do with Web thingies. But I don't understand what it has to do with tags, either.
@VotreAmie (3037)
• United States
24 Apr 07
Hi Bee1955. I was wondering the same thing about these mysterious sorties but never had time to look it up. Now I know what it is thanks to your discussion. So thank you for starting this discussion. We learn more everyday!