A survey: How many Chinese universites do you know?

March 30, 2007 6:15am CST
Education of China become better and better. Now there are many foreigners come to China to learn. Tsinghua University, Peking Unversity, Nanjing University and others play a active role in the world. Every years, there are so many Chinese graduates go to America, Cananda, Europe. These students study in these countries, and it make students in these countries easier to know China and Chinese Universites. So, I want to Make a survey that how many Chinese universities do you know? Can you give the name of the universites you know? Then,tell me which country you come from?Thanks a lot!I list some universities of China as folloing: Peking Univerity Tsinghua Univerisy Nanjing University Fudan University Zhejiang University University of Science and Technology of China ........
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@lehigh (35)
• China
16 Aug 07
hi, zheng. I'm from china as well. I studies in Tsinghua Univ. Although it seems that the universities in China have made great progress in the past 30 years, the research standards in Chinese universities are still falling behind.
@mcaf1970 (140)
• Philippines
30 Mar 07
im not from china. but we chinese schools here in the philippines namely saint jude catholic school, st. peter school, st. stephen, UNO, chiang kai shek, hope, philippine cheung hua and i know there are more chinese which i can't remember. i can only name few. those schools i mentioned are not universities. there's no chinese university here. chinese schools here offer until 4th year high school only. for me st jude catholic school is the BEST. i learned a lot from this school. til now i can speak, write, sing using mandarin. im not even a chinese. im a filipina. the hardest part i learned was the different dynasties---the chinese history. but chinese language, it was fine.
@yanstill (1491)
• China
30 Mar 07
well,i am a Chinese,so i am not going to answer this,just going to see what kind of universities they know about,i am curious about that.