Should kids have cell phones at the age of 11?????

March 30, 2007 7:02am CST
my stepson was 11 when my fiance got him a cell phone and he spends a lot of time with it and never gets around to doing anything properly as his mind is always clouded by the latest discovery that the new nokia series has come up with now he is 13 and his attitude towards the new cell phones are the same as it was when he had his first cell phone and the younger one also insisted on having it and bcos he is 11 going to 12 he too has been bought one. Neither my fiance or kids would listen to me about the disadvantages of having a cell phone at such a early age!! I know that it is a boy's thing to have all kind of new tools and machinery that comes up but it bothers me that they are more occupied by playing with the cell than doing any outdoor games that a 11 to 15 year old kid must be doing.. Dont you agree that kids are being spoilt with this new technoly..
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• China
31 Mar 07
in my view it is not a good idear for your stepson to have a cellphone,kids dont need that kind of thing and they can contact others by using a public telephone.
@breepeace (3027)
• Canada
30 Mar 07
I didn't get my first cellphone until I was 18 and I could sign a contract on my own. I just bought my younger brother a cellphone for his 20th birthday on a Pay and Talk plan. My baby brother, who will be 15 this year, is clamboring for a cellphone of his own since everyone one of his friends have them. 11 (and 13) are both way too young to have their own phones unless they were on a Pay and Talk (or similar) plan and made their own money to keep minutes on it, whether by allowance or part-time job. Teenagers are notoriously bad for not being responsible, especially with cellphones. I can't count the number of times I've heard parents being interviewed about the high cost of their cell bills due to teenagers texting, picture messaging, making long phone calls, etc. I'm surprised your fiance hasn't already encountered this with your stepson. When I was in high school, I borrowed my mom's phone once or twice, but solely so that she had a way to get ahold of me while I stayed in town with friends or whatever (we lived 1/2 an hour outside of town) but I didn't see any purpose to having one of my own, even when a lot of my friends did. Technology has indeed spoiled the youth of today. I learned patience from having to wait to use the landline at home until everyone else was done. And Game consoles like the Wii (however neat they are) are promoting a lifestyle where you can even play sports in the comfort of your own home, you don't HAVE to go outside to play baseball! Welcome to Generation 'Instantly Fat'.