Do you prefer going out with a group of friends or with one or two?

March 30, 2007 7:14am CST
every like travelling ,but when you go out ,you would like to go with a group of friends or one or two friends?give your reasons,thank you
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@bluewings (3857)
30 Mar 07
When travelling,I prefer my closest friends to give me company.That way it's easy to reach a concensus on everything we do during the tour.It's also more fun when you have your most dear friends around than a bunch of guys who don't know what to talk to,but I have been on trips with big groups where we hardly knew each other before the tour and made good friends by the end of it and that too was fun,but given a choice ,I'd choose my closest friends only.
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@yanstill (1491)
• China
30 Mar 07
i prefer two or three ,first,it will be a save of money if we check in the hotel,second,we are easily agreed on each other,more people,more different opinions,maybe she want to go to that restaurant and i dont want to,or another want to spend a whole day on one specific place but i want to see around,so that's quite a problem if there are more people with different interests,we need to take a long time to compromise.
• China
31 Mar 07
yes,that's the problem ,i also met the same question when our class want to go for a travel ,it took our much time to discuss where to go ,and then come to a lot of small things like food ,hotel,and places to play,big problem! so i hold the same opinion