FEEL FREE to write,discussed poems..

March 30, 2007 7:24am CST
i have thought about this idea this afternoon, i'd like to open up a discussion where users can post their works and discussed it,and the others can give their opinions,but of course..u should not be mean..i start it off by posting this work of mine..im not really good at writing,but i like to write..bear with me please.. Indescribable pain dwells within her soul, pain that will never let go, that will forever cling to her being. Unlike anyone, she does her usual, she tries to get by, keeping it to herself. In the confines of her own world, where all her pains, thoughts, all emotions resides. Each, that flashes every second, bringing her back then, pulling her down. Letting her mind flow through oceans, of loneliness, griefs, and regrets, drowning with all imperfections. She stays there, left behind, abandoned. blinded by her own fears.
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