what should be concerned about at present ?

@mzx5188 (520)
March 30, 2007 8:03am CST
success is a kind of victory that we can research for . sometimes we desire for what we want . the world is so wonderful that we are very easy to accept it. you didn't meant to buy anything at the suppermarket ,but because there are many attractive goods which can make you fall down at once.then you can't but choose to buy them . the original dream of the manager csme out . however , the consumer will lose the domination of doing the shopping . there are a number of people in the college . so you needn't worry about that the intelligent students are fewer .thsi is a real college. successful gentlemen and ladies function as some improtant positions . if your abilty were weak ,others would consider that the person superior to you takes place of you . don't you think you feel failure now? success is a way to get at the tower of dream . good efforts will increase the capital of victory . the society is cruel .you can't qualify as this job , while others will come up . success is decided by yourself not by others or better enviornment . as is known to us , all that is done by human being .
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