@mzx5188 (520)
March 30, 2007 8:58am CST
recently i visited the hometown of mr jiangjieshi-fenghua. the tickets costs 120 yuan plus the bus fees about 50 yuan. the total expense account for about 200 yuan including the lunch cost. it is cloudy in the morning and sunshine in the noon.we feel the chillness at the bottom of vally with the waterfall coming down from hundreds of feet above.it turns into drizzle in the freeze, caressing our face. we would like to throw the small stones into pool under the water fall. in the noon, the sunlight is so shine and brilliant in the drizzle,while we look up,just to see the miracle. two rainbows hanging around the waterfall. they feature the most wondeful colors and are always being fickle at every moment.
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