what is kiss means to you?

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March 30, 2007 10:01am CST
different kinds of kisses....... 1. air kisses- this is a bit of a kissing, cop-out since there's no lip to skin contact, instead, you touch cheeks and kiss the air. great for when u don't want to kiss someone, but u have to..... 2. Blowing Kiss- kissing you palm and blowing it in the direction of someone 3.Butterfly kiss- putting your face extremely close to someone's cheek, then batting your eyes so that they feet your lashes on their cheek..sweet.... 4.Catch and kiss- that game you used to play in primary school, where you'd chase the boys and kiss them. Back then, the novelty of this game was that it grossed boys out, but we feel it should be reintroduced as a party game! 5. Eskimo kiss- Rubbing your noses together with someone you like, in the arctic, if eskimos were to kiss normally,their lips would freeze together! for some, having your lips stuck to your boy moght sound like a good thing but eskimo kisses are still cute! 6. French kiss- this is serious kissing, where you go beyond the basic lip kiss and get the tongues involved. much more fun, too 7. Hand kissing- where a guy kisses your hand.,its old fashioned and very gentlemanly, but they don't rate very high on the passion scale. 8. Hickey- Sucking skin until blood vessel break, so you're left with a big, red mark your mother is guaranteed to notice. It may sound gross but really, it can be pretty wicked... 9.lip locking- this terms is used to describe kissing on the lips. 10.Love bite- Another word for hickey. 11. Necking- An oldies term's for making out. you're most likely to hear it from your grandma- and hearing her talk totally gross you out 12. Pash- An australian term to french kissing- short passionate kiss. 13.Snog- British slang for kissing. remember this just in case you ever get the chance to get lucky with one of those brit babes from fives. 14. Pecking- Quick, dry kisses, most likely on the cheek. A peck is about as unemotional and unromantic as kissing gets. Save these for your grandpa. 15.tongue kiss - also known as french kissing, this is usually a kiss you save for someone you really have the hots for... 16. vampire kisses- not so much romantic as deadly--but if you were offered a vampire kiss from everyone's favorite vampire, angel ( buffy's david Boreanaz could you refuse? 17. XXX- shorthand for kisses, perfect for when you want to show someone you like them but you're not close enough physically to actually plant one on them. they're usually used with your pen pals or email buddies....
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31 Mar 07
u have an encylopida on kisses can u tell me some 5 benifits of kisses i can wating for u r reply????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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• Philippines
10 Apr 07
nope I dont have an encyclopedia....I have a magazine... and they telling the different kind of kisses....