I have quit smoking!!!

March 30, 2007 10:13am CST
Well my story starts on January 1st. Usual date for meaningless resolutions but I sat there and said "No way am I even going to humour you all by saying I am quitting. I enjoy smoking and I ain't ever going to give up!"Over the next week I browsed around the internet and for some reason or another I found myself looking up quit smoking websites. Mostly it was the usual; quit smoking, you will die! Which I will be honest has never really made me want to quit. I came across a site called quitnet - http://www.quitnet.com and started trawling my way through the forum and in the chat. I worked out how much money I could save in a year. I even read up on the way to quit from an expert and they seemed to give sympathy to quitters - saying things like "You are losing a friend - its not wrong to mourn" and I decided I would set myself a quit date of January 8th. It was a Monday, party at the weekend before and according to this site I wo uld be able to say goodbye to cigarettes, after all I needed to. They had been there for me always for 10 years. So the Monday came and I quit....woooo I had college that day and I was scared but also proud that I had made the decision. I think the reason why I thought I did not want to just a week before was because I was scared of failing. I drank tonnes of ice cold water, I ate millions of grapes, I told everyone I was quitting including my bank manager and I made it through the day. It was quite easy actually compared to what I thought it would be. Second by second, minute by minute is what they say. Well now I am on Day 81. I haven't smoked 1632. Yuck! Disgusting! I can't believe I did smoke that. I didn't have to pay to join htt://www.quitnet.com You can get a free limited membership but a few weeks ago I decided to pay the cash so I could get my certificate and what have you. I did use the patch for first three maybe four weeks but then I ditched and went cold turkey adn that was fine too. Please buddy me if you think I can help you. Ask any questions you want to ask. N.O.P.E is the motto on quitnet and it can be yours too. They call nicotine - Nicodemon and there is always people to support you in chat or forum should you ever feel week. If this makes a difference to one person then I will be happy. If you are a smoker, you will never chose to see what it is fully doing to you. You will be chosing to ignore all the signs that it is really killing you. Now I can see what the smoking was doing to me. I still don't feel fully better. I smoked for ten years so I know it will take a long time before I am as a non-smoker but at least I am not killing myself anymore. So far money wise I have saved £405 from not smoking. I aws £5 a packet. On Sunday I book my holiday to the netherlands. Please feel free to buddy me, pm me or just respond. Thank you very much, Claire 81 days, 15 hours, 3 minutes and 49 seconds smoke free. 1633 cigarettes not smoked. £405.00 and 12 days, 11 hours of your life saved.
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30 Mar 07
good for you... im not into that vice... too afraid to try that... i'd rather drink than to smoke... Ü
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30 Mar 07
Och aye. I do like my drink. Woohoo! I've cut back in last year but I would be drunk for days at a time partying hard so that's a good thing. Lol
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22 Aug 10
Thats nice to here..Smoking is really a addiction and not easy to quit all of sudden. But good thing is there are many rehabilition center for helping to get rid of these habits. Try them and make a great change in your life.