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March 30, 2007 10:31am CST
I stil cant forget tht day..i thought i shud share wid u guys..It was in june 1998 and i was 15yrs old.It was my third N.C.C camp to a place which was almost 2000km from delhi.We were four girls from New delhi and a supervisor from the N.C.C office with us.By the time we were returning the officer was sent back before us.Imagine all our cash was with him...We jus had our train tickets and no funds with us..Moreover we all were completely tired.It was a journey of two days by train....hmm.all of us were scared and at the same time we had to do something to survive for two days in tht train...First day morning train stopped at a junction to load the food carriage which generally takes 30mins..So we had 30mins to earn....As soon as i got down with my frens i was so hungry and my brain wasnt workin at all..Suddenly i was able to see a public telephone wid tht coin system.I have always seen my brother takin coins out of the machine.jus for i never tried it..Bt then we had to survive...So i asked my frens to cover me.and i was trying to move tht telephone it didnt work out.As it was 7:30am in the morning so there wasnt any crowd at the railway station..Wen i really lost hope..and my frens also moved out from there..i went back for the last time and kicked tht telephone box so bad tht all the coins were out....he hehe.....those one rupees coin were looking like million dollars to frens came runnin and we all picked those coins....all of us were really scared and went to our the time train started movin .we then calculated the funds...Wow we got around 55coins or 65coins something..At tht time the cheapest food was for 5rs per we had a good breakfast lunch n was enough for us for tht day..Next day we did the same and third day we four reached Delhi..My brother came to pick me in his new car.god..I have always been a kid who jus knows how to spend..So this one travelling experience made me realise the importance of money and how to save money,,,,,,,,,Actually we four promised tht we wont discuss this with then now its been yrs n i have no idea where the rest three females are......Coz tht was the first 15days trip we four were together..and we all were from different schools...hope u enjoyed this...:) it was fun.
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@rekhum (2435)
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30 Mar 07
Waow! What an incredible story! So you have one great adventure to cherish for a lifetime. You did a great job b/c you not only saved yourself from starvation but also your friends.You deserved to be a girls' scout leader.But now that you'd confessed your burglary...i am thinking of having a little conversation with our dear 'Lalooji'(remember that