What do you think of Six Feet Under?

United States
March 30, 2007 10:50am CST
I know I got to get into watching it again here soon! I know what happens at the end of the last season, but I never got to see the last 2 episodes and they should be coming up. For me this is the weirdest, strangest, drug and s3x fest of a show I have ever seen. I get embarrassed sometimes watching it. lol.
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• Turkey
28 Dec 07
You posted this 10 months ago. I think you have watched it already but i'll write anyway. Get ready for beautiful 2 hours. Whether you know what happens at the end does not change anything, it has been shot brilliantly and I cried through the whole last 15 minutes. I never have actually "cried" on any movie/series until that day.