Adding a Blog.. RSS, XML, or ATOM feed

@kelly60 (4550)
United States
March 30, 2007 11:15am CST
Now that MyLot allows us to add our blogs, I'm sure that a lot of us want to get started right away. I hadn't had a chance to add mine yet when I read a comment to my previous discussion about blogs. The comment asked about how to add them. I took a quick look and this was my reply; Click on the link at the top of the page where it says blogs. On the left hand side you will see a list of blog categories, and just below that is a link to add your blog. Just fill out the required information. Be sure to read the instructions as to what types of blogs are encouraged and discouraged. Unfortunately, when I got to the place where you fill in the blanks I ran into a problem. MyLot says, "Adding your blog to myLot is simple. Just give us the title of your blog, your blog URL, your blog feed URL (RSS, Atom, XML), a photo you would like to have associated with your blog (optional), and the frequency you would like for us to check your site for updates." I'm sorry but I have no clue where to find a blog feed URL (RSS, Atom, XML) for my blog. I didn't know I had one. Do I have one? Does everyone have one? What is it?!? The other information is easy, but I need more explanation on this one. If I don't know, I doubt if I'm the only one who is clueless about it. Maybe some explanation should be added. I don't know, just my thoughts on the matter. Anyone else have any thoughts about it?
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@royal52gens (5380)
• United States
30 Mar 07
The blogs are just too confusing for me also. I don't have a blog. I don't want a blog. Most likely, I will never use or read them. Bottom line, it is a wasted feature for me. At the top of the page is the buttons for the blogs and the news. I have checked them out and found it is something that I just don't need.