What kind of MOVIE is your LIFE??

March 30, 2007 11:21am CST
Is your life a real "filmy" type just like "usual"? What experiences you got from your life and things around you and all those sticky situations?? How will you tag your own life as.. a real drama or a usual one? If drama then what kind of- tragic,funny or adventurous,dramatic or on the edge type ?? Or some thing DIFFERENT!(do share with us) You can even relate your life with a movie name. My life is a real funny one. Full with all those embarrasing situations and a real funny drama. I'll not call it as an usual one and neither as a filmy one cause mine is a real different with shocking twists and ups & downs and I love them the way they are. They are the only one who introduces a real spice in you life . So I am in very much love with my life . What about you? Do share your own experiences with your life with us too. Have a ncie day.
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