A-Z household challenge

March 30, 2007 11:48am CST
I saw this idea discussed on a forum I visit occasionally and thought it was a great idea. What you do, is make a list of small tasks you need to do reound the house looking for one from every letter of the alphabet. Then, over a month, you make sure you do all of them. Its roughly one a day, though of course you could domore some days and less another. The idea is to make you tackle some unusual and often quite funny tasks, and stop house work or decluttering from getting boring. So, for 'A' I am going to do my accounts (well the financial year does start next week). For 'B' I am going to really clean the bathroom well. For 'C' I will make cure the curtains are clean and give them a wash if needed. Anyone else fancy having a go at this, if so, what would you choose? I am going to do Ebay for 'E' so I can list some of my clutter, I am a littel bit stuck on 'X' and 'Z' but I think I will come up with something by the time I get that far.
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• United States
30 Mar 07
X-terminate vermin, or other unwanted pest-like inhabitants, whether living or non :) Cool idea, although my bathroom NEEDS cleaning more than once a month, it is more realistic to set an immediate goal at "B" on a list of 26 things to do over a month.
• France
30 Mar 07
Oh I clean mine more often too, but there is cleaning it and there is stripping it out and mucking out all the old pots and potions and getting really into the corners and delimescaling the showerhead etc which is what I intend to do