The cut-off age for pregnancy

United States
March 30, 2007 12:46pm CST
What, you think, should be the age when women should try and stop to become a mother? I have heard that age 35 is the age after which it becomes very very difficult to conceive. Is that true? In this respect, what is the cut-off age, if any, for men to become a parent? They say that men can become a parent at any age. Is this true. Thank you for your suggestions in advance.
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@tahirauf (94)
• Pakistan
31 Mar 07
well....this is true that a Man can be a parent at any age...provided he is normally healthy far as females are concerened their age limit is 40 not 35...they can be a mother at 40 easily.....and if they are healthy enough they can even extend it to 45 as well...u seem to be quite healthy so u should,nt be worried about thses things
• United States
30 Mar 07
It does become harder for a wwoman to conceive as she gets older, there is a decrese in fertility at 30 and it continues from there. Men don't lose their fertility as drastically as women, but there quality of sperm does become lower as they age. I think that it is a personal decision when a woman wants children, but I personally wouldn't want to have a child past 35 max, because I wouldn't want to be an old parent, however, I do think it is fine for other women if they are comfortable with it.
@jamaja (51)
• Australia
30 Mar 07
If there is first time mum - see your doctor if you are healthy he will know(there are causes of mum at 40-ties and up) For me personaly question for age of being mum/dad and being parent are 2 different answers first is about being phisicly ready-what doctor can say second-being parent-I preffer between 20 and 30 years old than you have more energy for kids stuff,you are more healthy,... after 40=you need break from time to time and it is harder with kids under 10 years. All that is for those who want and can have kids instead of makeing more money etc. for others- if you feel that you really want them do it at any age-today a lot is possible. I like kids a lot, have 3 of them between 20-30,now I am 41 and they are 20,15 and 12, now I am more ready to be grandmum than mum my sister is 36 and have 10 months old baby we are bouth happy mums Important is that kids are loved they won't care how old are you. I know many men can't be dads and women that can't be mums but they made good parents.