Is it fair for my mother to suffer what pain an alcoholic father gives?

@Lovett (465)
March 30, 2007 2:51pm CST
Well, I m very disturbed today. My dad is an alcoholic, n always fights with mom even when he is sober. Today he asked mom to keep the house papers ready , cause he wants to sell the house , n throw us on the streets. Mom controlled him, however i know she is disturbed mentally, but never tells us. It is not fair for her to suffer like this, while my father enjoys hurting her so much. I can't even cry, cause it willl affect my mom . She cried today thinking of all that happened.I just told my father to go and die, cause he hurt us so much. He leaves the house during petty arguments at home, n tells people that we threw him out of the house. I hate him. What should I do?
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30 Mar 07
This sounds like a really difficult situation for you. I think the best you can do is to be a good listener for your mum and be there for her when she needs you. Also make sure she knows that she can come and stay with you if things get really hard for her.
@Lovett (465)
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1 Apr 07
Thanks! But I stay with my mom.N today, my bf fought with me for not allowing him to touch me is places I don't like him to when we r travelling n r alone. He called me a b@#$#, n fought so much I couldn't control it, n ran away from him as we boarded the train. I didn't pick up the cellphone callls he made n didn't tell him where I was.
@Lovett (465)
• India
4 Apr 07
my bf is ready to leave his mom for my sake. But his mom abused me several times for his mistakes. The other day he lost 2 gold rings, n she blamed me for it. She thought he gave them to me , or he sold it for me. I cudn't take it any longer, n iI abused her back , which made her throw my bf out of the house. I m so frustrated with this relationship. But this guy won't leave me. He would become more aggressive if i left him, n especially at this time when his mom is so very mean.She told him to give her 10000inr to live in the house with her.I can't believe that she went to that extent. N I also heard from his cousin that she performs black magic!It came out as a scary truth for me. N i m planning to continue my masters in Australia, in Sept this year. Dunno what this woman might do for some bad luck to come upon me.