improper mix of anesthetic causes mental anguish on the patient during surgery

March 30, 2007 6:10pm CST
i've heard of certain situations where the patient undergoes surgery, where the mix is not right, and the feeling of the surgery is felt by the body but the mind is too paralized to motion a scream of agony. i think my dad had this happen to him, he went in for hip surgery at 74 yrs of age and never came out of the anesthetic properly, i could see the pain in his eyes though he couldn't or didn't recognize me. at this point only grunts of pain as he tried to move from one side to another. my dad was a loving man, but he did his best to make sure no one would miss him in the end. i guess he wasn't all that successful because i think of him all the time. i'm an old man and i would still call him dad, if given the chance to see him again. i would hug him, kiss him on the cheek, and tell him I LOVE YOU. i lost my dad to someones innability to perform their job properly. i am sure of it. do you have the same impressions. is our healthcare system set up for young people, why is it that hip injuries in the elderly are deemed terminal. i'm sure i'm not the only person to have noticed that hip injuries kill our parents, HIP injuries, not heart attackes, not renal shutdown, not seizures. why is it a fact that if you fall down and break your hip after the age of 70, that you may as well start counting your days
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