student life with evil professors?

March 30, 2007 6:40pm CST
if you have an evil professor, what do you wanna do to them? push them off the staircase noh? hehehehehe well, i wanted to do that to some of my professors. but dont worry i wont. hehehehehee anyway, we wont be put in jail by saying this here in mylot right? hehehehehe
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• Philippines
31 Mar 07
hahahaha, we share the same thought! maybe professors are meant to be that cruel to shape us and help us be ready to face the real world that awaits us after school, the real and cruel world where we get to face different persons with different personalities
• United States
31 Mar 07
I think you are giving them way too much credit. You can tell when someone is being tough on you for your own good.. and you can accept that. College professors live in "academia"under the delusion they are smarter than everyone else and they feel like they are giving something to somone who does not deserve it. Most people with real talent would leave a job if they felt this way, but they can't because they can not actually do anything else. I love professors who teach part time and they actually work in the field they teach. They are great teachers an not abusive.
@Bell88 (370)
• Malaysia
1 Apr 07
I would constantly challenge his authority. I would study harder, learn more than i'm suppose to and shoot him when i can.
@sechsey (1836)
• Canada
31 Mar 07
LOL its part of the challenges in college.:) When you are able to successfully survive that and your studies , then im sure its already a big proof for you to show you will survive for all those other evil ones outside when you graduate. trust me, there are more:)
• United States
30 Mar 07
Just ignore them the want to upset you just for kicks. They are weak and pathetic. They can't feel superior or on level with people in the real world in their field of study , so they intimidate 18 year olds trying to adjust to new pressures. Tell me are they teaching you anything useful while they abuse you?.... exactly! Just adopt the attitude that you pay them to teach you and they should be grateful to have their jobs. Even if you don't ever verbalize it. It's a whole attitiude thing. If you keep that in mind you will be stronger in putting up with them. There is an old saying " those who Can DO, those who Can't TEACH. If they were competent they'd be out in the real world doing the thing they teach.
@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
30 Mar 07
i havent experience having tha kind of professor when im still in school...but its a great sin to think evil to someone...why not jsut be at peace with them..arent you afraid to fail their class? if it happens that youre planning something..or is it only joke here just for posting purposes..